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1. Personnel Management  and Development Consultancy

  • FIXCON Network Limited partners with ROTECH PHARMACEUTICAL ENGINEERING CO.LTD in rendering professional services & indulges in International Procurement of Scientific Equipment supplies, provides expertise through consultancy services to organizations, governments, non-governmental institutions mainly in the Pharmaceutical line .
  • FIXCON offers general contract services, organises / facilitates On-site and Offshore Trainings and Seminars using a widely used  Risk  and Decision Analysis  software manufactured by PALISADE CORPORATION.
  • These DecisionTools Suite (DTS) had helped  various organizational Personnel saddled with complex decision making to turn around the dwindling fortunes of their Establishments.
  • Offers diverse consultancy services to Institutions, industries and companies and also on Human Capital Development using same PALISADE DECISIONTOOL SUITE (visit www.palisade.com)

2. Importers of Medical/Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and Scientific Equipments, Wears and Wares.


3. Industrial Chemicals, Media and Reagents for Vaccine Production.


4. Manufacturers Representatives and General Commerce

  • Representative of Risk and DecisionTools Suite Software (DTS).
  • Representative of Rotech Pharmaceutical Engineering Co., Limited

    (Manufacturer of various pharmaceutical machineries & equipment, developers of numerous varieties of machines including Freeze Dryers, Tablet Press, Pulverize, Packing Machine, Mixer, Coater, Granulator, Labeling Machine, Filling Machine, etc.)




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